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Adidas Originals and the Philippine Dong cooperation new shoes Tennis Hu, in a tribute to the classic "green tail", soon to launch a pair of white and yellow color. The simple and lively collocation of the vamp is in accordance with the daily wear style of the Philippine Dong, and the golden "tail" exposes its pompous side. Palace officially announced that Palace x adidas Originals 2017 spring and summer joint series will be officially released on June 16th, a full range of single products will also be released recently. It is learnt that the series Lookbook will continue to be modeled by Blondey McCoy, and invited Alasdair McLellan as photographer.Just as we reported Air Jordan 4 " Oreo" in 2015 is expected to engraved regression, it seems to be a combination of boxing mind, because a Air Jordan 4 " Columbia" AJ4+ will also be a small change, the type of shoes engraved with the overall regression, white leather building, and the shoe body side without the use of rubber mesh. I wonder if it's a series? ~ today, after all, limited joint and other flashy gimmick, Sneaker also showed the rational trend, major brands have made "origin" brand, to attract consumers, Adidas Originals, the production method and the British made New beauty Balance, Nissan PUMA, are found on the feet of trendsetter. In this regard, the famous Japanese brand Onitsuka Tiger s Cheap jordans online hoes is not backward, following the August 2008 launch of Authentic Japanese series, this year to build the Made Nippon Series in, this series of shoes are the classic retro style, and adhere to the manufacturing factories in Japan, give Sneakerheads the authentic Japanese aesthetic and feel.Tomorrow will launch the Oreo related information available:remembered a few years ago, Givenchy was a tepid old luxury brand, but in recent years with the Riccardo Tisci into the design of more and more young, and has become today's street essential, and major star demonstration is attracted to fans from all walks of life to follow the popular level obvious to people we panic buying. This spring and summer, Givenchy continue to introduce "tide fan" fully high cylinder shoes, following the earlier Navy color matching, of which two of the new color matching Star-Embellished Sneakers also recently have been on sale. looked at the beginning of the first day, shoes style and Adidas Originals high cylinder sports shoes are somewhat similar, but look closely, but it has its own unique design style. Highly textured smooth leather, with fine workmanship of air holes and seams, the visual effects are excellent. There are also Givenchy iconic metal stars, rivets, rings, Rock, &, and Roll styles spewing out of the ankle. At present, SSENSE website has been on sale, there cheap foamposites are two black and red options, priced at $720 U.S. dollars (about $5590 Hong Kong dollars), this price for Givenchy, it is already quite close to the level of the people! we have more than once it comes to the 2012 Sneaker ring will be a lot of people known as the "Joe 4 year", this is not to look at this is to speak generally, add half the time listed on the 9 of this month at the white and blue color, we have seen a 3 so we couldn't refuse AJ 4 in August, we will usher in a great gimmick color, such as no accident will still offer price at $160. This year 4 to AJ Retro Mars based on the launch of the color, just off the shoes villain avatar, and loyal to the color of the shoe body kimitoshi home court will make a bunch of old shoes fans excited, recently, a group of this pair of shoes the further details of the plan circulated on the Internet, let us wait the arrival of August, to enjoy this beautiful "Joe 4 years"! source: solecollectoradidas Originals BLUE show impeccable Lifestyle spirit 2015-05-02 17:22:29 As a high-end street wear adidas Originals branch, BLUE, which reflects the spirit of adidas Lifestyle impeccable, but also both the aesthetic concept of luxury on the streets. In the 2015 spring and summer series, BLUE again between the adidas sports history and street culture to find a resonance point, while the clever use Retro jordans for sale of fabric technology and a wealth of detail to deliver "ME AGAINST THE BUNCH" information. The second quarter "Rebel Sports" inspired 8, a representative element of the 1990s, such as the classic adidas Originals Logo and swept lightning and chess checkerboard pattern in the 1990s-1980s, while the camouflage elements extracted from the Swedish camp flag combining bold hit color techniques, to interpret the rebellious uninhibited freedom of thought through the design. Which deserve special attention, men in camouflage windbreaker, short-sleeved shirt, shorts, and even camouflage elements continue onto footwear; and women's areas hit color jacket, sweater, T-Shirt, shorts and dresses the One-Piece It is a dynamic and stylish rolled into one. & nbsp; Air "Gamma Blue" on foot Jordan 11 GS Appreciation 2013-12-08 23:36:13 tentatively scheduled for December 21 this year, the sale of & nbsp; Air Jordan 11 & nbsp; "Gamma Blue" color of the Air Jordan has been a fan of great concern, not long ago we also bring you a shoe kind Appreciation , overwhelmed network on a lead shoes on the feet of the fans of this & nbsp; GS version of the Air Jordan 11, and now we take a look at the shoe on the foot of the effect of it, you think? Marcus Jordan claimed that "Air Jordan shoes are personal customization Fake" 2013-12-09 00:01:24 Today Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale , sneakers custom increasingly prosperous, more and more people have joined the shoes or favorite custom, Although each person's level of customization and creativity are parameters times uneven, but shoes, fans seemed happy to see a friend These novel works. But recently, Michael Jordan's son Marcus Jordan was in personal & nbsp; on Twitter expressed different views, he said: it seems that the Jordan's son "If they is not from the factory ... They Fake #TeamJordan?." These enthusiasts from the hands of the civil works and the "fake" no difference, I do not know about this statement, you have any comment? Air Jordan 5 "Oreo" multi-angle kind Appreciation 2013-12-09 00:02:07 on the 29th of this month, this & nbsp; Air Jordan 5 "Oreo" color will be officially opened its mysterious veil. This color will be popular since the beginning of the exposure of concern, although mixed, but due to the heat now Air Jordan 5, coupled with this color might be engraved AJ5 last year's wave of a member, I believe that time will still be quite high sought after. Today we offer small series multi-angle appreciation of the shoe, you may wish to once again enjoy the moment, consider whether or not to start.PUMA sports players released in 2012 new autumn and winter Suede 2012-09-21 11:29:12 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: complex] Print & nbsp cheap jordans ; Close Chinese shoes Network September 21 hearing, how to maintain the classic style of status is not easy in time where their brand which is very difficult, for its classic PUMA Suede is the same series of cooperation with the designer in the near future Popularity rapid jump up, and for the same classic Clyde, too, in order to maintain their classic and popular in the competition. And today brings eight shoes is coming this fall and winter release of the new color of Suede, if purely from the image point of view, some people think there is nothing really special mind, and even used the earlier cooperation models special material nor among eight in this upcoming sale occurs, it is questionable whether there is significant cooperation and in particular to force the style you want after the release, of course, have not tried for a Suede friends, with a simple classic style for the first time an attempt is also a good choice. Related news you can buy brand clothing in the mall counters, experience brand service in these factories, and may buy hot money at a very low discount. What's more, you can buy next year's brand explosion - Factory - like clothes. consumer group to factory store shopping "sales large single" is more, are generally two or three groups of people driving over to buy clothes, a consumption of ten or twenty pieces of clothing is not in the minority." Last year, Longwan Airport Road Yongan River Road Feileidier outlets opened, D& X, SFM, A.J, FOLLNSI, sir Dan various domestic common mall sales, the price of thousands of high-end menswear brand, where the price of a few hundred dollars can buy. Faye Ray Deal O Teles clothing Limited company marketing director Jin Li introduced, every weekend, holidays, Cangnan, Yueqing and Taizhou, consumers will purchase clothing over groups by twos and threes, and the turnover rate is very high, the number of transactions is also more. last year, Zhejiang rich handsome Garments Co. Ltd is located in the coastal area of more than 1000 square meters factory store store reload opening, in addition to its agent high-end menswear brand "MARK GEORGE" sale, and many domestic and foreign companies to rich handsome men's clothing brand OEM processing and the development of the kind of clothing etc.. The opening of new stores, many old customers come to purchase, especially in Pingyang, Cangnan, Yueqing and other places of the majority of consumers. Mr. Xu is the store to buy clothes, he was in Taizhou, after a friend introduced here to buy clothes, often can find the value of the goods, so every time to buy back, in addition to their wear, will send them to friends. these factory stores generally have larger parking lots for consumers. Fapai group said a staff member, in the Binhai Park Headquarters Fapai factory store, now more and more consumers, so in order to facilitate the internal management of the company, only a small part of the parking lot of the factory shop open now because consumers, customers more, will have to expand the scope of the stop. , hundreds of clothing major concentrated sales "each brand, factory corresponds to a letter number, and now the size of the English alphabet has long been insufficient."." In the discount store in the factory of Wenzhou van Di Clothing Co., Ltd., we have concentrated more than 100 garment processing factories and more than 100 domestic high-end men's brand products. Although the decoration and display simple, but sales hot. In the last two or three years, the company has opened 5 factory stores in Wenzhou, Binhai, Taizhou and other places. , an economist in Mexico, published an article in December 13th: "China will hunt Mexico after the American market.". The article said, from yesterday onwards, Mexico enterprises began to face Chinese clothing [7.06 -1.94% shares, research report], toys and footwear industry more intense competition. Chinese enterprises not only focus on the Mexico market, but also aim at the American market. As China's largest export destination, the American market may signal a change in the Mexico market. In 2010, China was the largest supplier of American clothing, shoes and toys, according to the World Trade Organisation ( ), which accounted for 42.6%, 76.2% and 84.1% respectively in the U.S. market, according to the world trade organization. As the United States imports more than $79 billion 357 million of the goods from abroad each year, exports to the United States are important to Chinese companies. Mexico related enterprises recovered slightly this year. At the same time, some analysts believe that the rising cost of production in China could increase the manufacturing sector in Mexico. But as of now, ink exports are much lower in the United States than in china. The share of Mexico clothing, shoes and toys was 5.1%, 1.5% and 1.8% respectively. Mexico chamber of Commerce said the chamber of Commerce, the chamber of Commerce by trade opening the greatest impact. GUANAJUATO Mexico State Chamber of Commerce of footwear requested the Ministry of economic affairs of the Mexico to apply for formal consultations with China, and submitted a complaint on the dangers of Chinese imports of shoes, which resulted in the shoe market confusion. The chamber of Commerce requested that, if the two sides failed to achieve satisfactory results, we must immediately take protective measures against shoes from china. (Editor: afnhk)